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What is Just Add Skill?

The Academy for Men presents Just Add Skill workshops for men!

JAS is a ...


...Skills Based Educational Program designed to inspire men 

to be unforgettable lovers! 

 In our workshops and Private Sessions, you learn how to: 

  • develop Presence and technique
  • add SPICE to Your Sex LIFE 
  • drive her WILD with PLEASURE 
  • create Intimate Connection and Desire
  • satisfy her in ways that keep her WANTING MORE

Are you sure she’s Really Satisfied?


Real life experience reveals why you need this course!

A friend of mine was shocked when he discovered his girlfriend was having an affair. She confessed after he caught her texting another man very hot, intimate pictures of herself. He asked her, “Why are you cheating on me?” She finally told him the truth, saying, “Sex isn’t very good with you, but with this other guy, he really knows how to touch my body and he makes me feel beautiful.” He said he was hurt but he had to ask her, “Don't I do all those things? What does this guy do that is so different than me?"...

How you’ll Boost your Sex life!

With Just Add Skill


We interviewed a series of participants who attended this course and here are some of the responses to their experiences!

This course will:

“Unleash the wild lover in your partner through sensual touch and presence.” 

Robert, Phoenix AZ

Teaches men to be more open and connected with women. Also, educates men on how to lead adult conversations about sex.”

Rachel, Phoenix AZ

Men learn skills that develop more self-confidence in their ability to satisfy a woman.“

Susan, Phoenix AZ 

“This course helps you gain an understanding of sexuality with women that I haven’t come across anywhere else. It also gives you more confidence that you know what to do. It also teaches clear communication.”  Joel, Scottsdale AZ

How to know Just Add Skill is for you?


Ask yourself...

  • Do I want to be an unforgettable lover?
  • Do I want my love life to be exciting?
  • Am I consistent in pleasuring women?
  • Am I newly single and lack sexual confidence?
  • Do You love women but don't know how to satisfy?
  • Do You want to awaken the passion in your relationship?
  • Do You want to learn how  to communicate powerfully and be present in any situation?


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At the Academy for Men, we increase sexual knowledge and skill, removing cultural roadblocks that stop men from being authentic with each other. We talk straight with each other about sex, fostering generosity of information as mentors rather than adversaries. We get real about our shortcomings, seeking to be consistently present, seductive, attentive and creative lovers. The results are deeply satisfied women who enjoy sex and who crave being with their skilled lovers. 

The Academy For Men

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Women's Sex Survey


 This survey is intended to take a comprehensive look at the actual experiences women are having as opposed to those that are culturally assumed. Completely confidential and very revealing. You might see your own sexuality a little differently once you complete it.

Men's Sex Survey


This survey is intended to take an honest look at the experiences men are having as opposed to those that are culturally assumed. Completely confidential and very revealing. You might see your own sexuality differently when you complete it.

The Talk Survey


Did you get "The Talk"  from your parents when you were growing up? This question and many more can help you Discover your views about your own sexuality. Have fun and get ready for a wild ride! 

3 tips for becoming an Extraordinary Lover.


  1. Stand out from the basic man. Shifting from Hunter to Shaman
  2. Creating the safe space that keeps her coming back
  3. Variety, the key to Creative Love Making. How the Shaman does it

3 tips on seduction


  1. Preparing the Temple - Creating a container that opens your lover 
  2. Mutual Seduction - a Path to level 10 sexual experiences
  3. Presence, Passion & Pleasure - Three keys to unlock her desire

More to come...


Stay Tuned for more tips from The Academy for Men on how to Just Add Skill.