About Us

In an interview, Michael Gibson shares his story...


What I didn’t know, I didn’t know about sex 

When I was married, I wasn’t skilled sexually and I certainly wasn’t good at communication. I was frustrated and my wife was too. I didn’t know how to ask her what she wanted and she wasn’t telling me. My frustration came because I was just expected to know! Well I didn’t know and no one was teaching classes on sex  so I had to figure it out on my own. 

While we were together, I learned a couple of techniques she liked. My lovemaking was a compilation of a few techniques, what I call ‘go to moves’, that I thought would make her climax every time. I mean, it did once! That was the goal right? To make my woman  orgasm. Unfortunately, my sexual skills were horrible at best. I had one sexual partner in my sixteen year marriage and she couldn’t tell me about her lack of sexual satisfaction for most of those years, but secretly, I think I knew. 

I was confused about sex because I didn’t understand the depth of variety a woman needs. I wasn’t aware that a woman craves to be seen and for her lover to be in the masculine and fully present. That wasn’t me so I can only imagine that it was work for my wife to have sex with me. I confess that I didn’t know her  sexual wants and needs. In the end, divorce forced me into an introspection of my failures relationally and sexually. 

From tech nerd to sex shaman

When my  marriage ended in divorce and I began to seek out companionship, I had several experiences that were of the “Crash and Burn” variety. I remember two occasions vividly. I had one woman stop me before either of us could climax and say, ”I’m sorry but I’ve got to go.” and she put her clothes on and left. I couldn’t believe it. Another stopped me, mumbling something like “This  is terrible: I can’t do this.” 

I’m no genius but I figured out pretty quickly that my ‘go to moves’ were more like ‘gotta go moves’. In my defense, I had one data point from those sixteen years of marriage.  Prior to that relationship, I wasn’t very good at sex and I didn’t have many partners.


I am like many guys who latch onto a technique because it worked a couple of times, thinking it was the best skill I had, only to find it was only good sometimes. Other times, it was a total failure. I was afraid I was getting a bad reputation and that’s not something I wanted.

I needed to do some research and figure out what I needed to learn to become better. I’m a Tech guy so I thought, “There must be some kind of code I can crack.” I just didn’t know where to start. I began to study how to become a better lover. I was really new, I didn’t have a plan and very little guidance, but I started learning some things. I wanted to be unforgettable, and that’s when my journey began.

The challenge with learning sexual skill 

My biggest challenge was the lack of male mentorship in the area of sexual seduction and performance. I started to learn slowly on my own using trial and error, working on becoming present,  passionate and authentic in my sexual encounters. I found several books that were helpful and studied pick up, looking for solidarity with other men. What I discovered, which also helped me overcome this challenge, is that most of the men I encountered in these groups were hesitant to communicate about their sexual lives. They were no different from me, they were struggling too. 

There was so much that I didn’t know, like how men and women are different when it comes to seduction, turn on, sensual play and have different ways if exploring sexuality. These things are clearly not taught because, if you think about it, we are all making it up as we go and we barely communicate about it. I also discovered that a woman will put up with boredom and mediocre sex because she thinks there’s no other choice. I began to understand how frustrated women were with their sex lives and still there was no education for men to become better lovers. I felt I just needed to learn more and better skills for lovemaking, I never thought for a minute I would teach this to anyone; I was learning it for me!

The  skill of mastery

I realized there is a huge divide among men due to the taboo of communication and the lack of sexual education for men. Out of my frustration came the solution! What if most of what I’d already learned about sex was somewhat valuable? If that was true, then what I really needed was to focus on a few skills that women seemed to respond to most passionately. All of a sudden, my education became very exciting and my results became much more consistent. I realized sex is a learned skill and if I could learn it, anyone could! 

This unique insight brought me to realize that every man can become masterful with his lover’s body. We can expand our skills, effortlessly taking her to heights that she’s never known before with consistency! I began by learning things that were more important than technique alone, like presence, communication, anatomy and being able to notice the expressions of my lovers during orgasm. I transformed as a lover which opened me to a deeper appreciation for women overall. I discovered how beautiful, passionate, and open any woman can be. I began to access her sensuality for HER pleasure, aspiring to be that unforgettable lover, and now I teach what I know to other men, as I’ve said, “In service of women!”

What I actually do

Today, I teach men how to pleasure women through the art of empathic seduction. In my course, men learn how to shift from being hunters of women to shamans of women. The experience opens your relationship to a new level of intimacy and connection, creating a stronger bond and a happier sex life for both. 

What we can accomplish

By creating a culture of open communication amongst men, we increase sexual knowledge and skill, we remove the cultural roadblocks that stop men from being authentic with each other. We begin to talk straight with each other about sex, eliminating competition, fostering generosity of information as mentors. We acknowledge our shortcomings, seeking to become consistently present, seductive, attentive and creative lovers. The results are deeply satisfied women who enjoy sex and look forward to being with their lovers more frequently. This program is designed for men who desire to be that kind of lover! This program is offered for men who feel women deserve this kind of lover. 

Core Values



 Our mission is to enhance men and women’s intimacy through sexual pleasure, increasing men’s confidence by expanding their knowledge of female anatomy. We provide men a roadmap with which to have authentic, adult conversations about sex. By promoting brotherhood amongst men, we mentor each other and share techniques on how to pleasure women. As men become leaders in the seduction process through clear communication and consent, they become masterful at reading their lover’s expressions and responses to pleasure. This allows for a woman’s vulnerability, pleasure, orgasm, desire, essence and beauty to naturally arise in a safe space. Men become that safe space and this is what makes them Unforgettable Lovers! 



We are creating a culture where women: 

  • feel safe around powerful, sexually adept men
  • feel free to be with men who can ravish them
  • own their sexual expression and effortlessly make requests for what they want 
  • can fully lean into their orgasmic expression

We are creating a culture where men:

  • respect the positions and boundaries of women 
  • treasure a woman’s uniqueness, holding space for her emotionally and sensually
  • mentor each other, sharing sexual experiences that produce consistent results
  • bridge intimate connections with women creating harmony with one another, shifting the age old dynamic from adversaries to partners 



Our culture, is one where men and women are connected, communicating authentically, inspiring passion in everything we do. We’re a source of excellence in sex education, using cutting edge technology based on neurological and biological science for the training of sexual pleasure. All of this to leave a legacy, passing on sexual skills to future generations.