What is The Goddess massage?

A ritual of initiation for every woman!

The Goddess Massage is a Luxurious, Sensual Massage that leaves a woman feeling refreshed, connected, seen, appreciated and satisfied fully, just like a Goddess! In this massage, you'll be transported to the inner temple where the Priestess meets her Goddess for the first time. This unfolds as a scene in which the Master Shaman leads you, the initiate, into a discovery of the elements of presence and pleasure, noticing every orgasmic response to his slow, skilled touch, penetrating deep into your body. You'll learn to ask for what you want taking your lovemaking to the next level... Many women experience their life expanding, especially in the area of their relationships and career! Anything is possible when you feel like a Goddess!!!

Included are a full body massage both front and back with breast and yoni work if agreed upon inside of a carefully prepared Temple Space. Prior to the massage, a consent conversation outlining what is permissible will be had. We will discuss boundaries and safe words as well as setting intentions for the ritual. We will also discuss any potential traumas that may arise during the session and how to navigate these occurrences. Communication queues will be agreed upon to assist in providing safe expression throughout the massage. I've created a system called the Female Pleasure Protocol that provides luxurious, sustained pleasure throughout the session. Upon completion, a re-integration period will be provided which includes a ritual that removes any ties between the client and the practitioner to ensure she is free to re-enter the world as the loving, satisfied, empowered Goddess she is so worthy of being! 

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If you are a man who is interested in learning how to provide sustained pleasure for your lover/s, I offer one on one, Private Training. If you're interested in taking the next Goddess Experience Class you will save 2/3 the cost of the private training. 

The next Goddess Experience Class is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13th, 2019! Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

The Class will be from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. Register today!


Goddess Testimonials

Great day Michael!

Thank you so much for your kind words. They truly mean so much. I’m honored and so glad we were able to share such powerful healing with each other. 

My experience in your hands was so affirming of my path and my power.... I was initiated Goddess over 3 years ago and have felt her power come and go for those 3 years. The way you were able to connect the Goddess within me to every moment in my life was exactly what I needed to bring forward the next chapters of my life here. Your touch holds so much power and assurance. I felt safe to express and fully experience the power my womb space holds. I can only imagine how much further this will bring me but I’m so excited for it. As a fellow healer it is important we receive medicine when called and needed. Thank you for being that medicine that called and that I didn’t even realize I needed. 

Much love and blessings, 

Goddess Nunkui Jhoselyn

New Jersey

The Goddess Massage I received...

...from Michael was amazing!  Not knowing what to expect I went into it with an open mind. When entering the space he confirmed what my boundaries were for the massage.  He had prepared a sacred comfortable place for me.  A massage table lined with soft fluffy sheets and pillows, music playing and a nice room open to nature all around us.  He gave a sensual massage always making sure that I was comfortable and enjoying myself.  After a long massage and multiple orgasms, he carried me to another mattress to rest and reflect.  

I am so grateful to have experienced pleasure and love without any attachments.  I highly recommend Michael and his skills to all women who want to be cared for without expectations.    

- Goddess Saulei A.


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"I had a lovely afterglow...

...after our Goddess Massage session.", was her response after I said, " I'd love to know what you thought of the session, would you mind sharing that with me? Any feedback I get, I use to make the experience better, more luxurious."

 "I did...." she continued, "my yoni and womb felt really expansive, ..very interesting.  It still feels very expansive!  I felt safe... safe enough to let go. I don't know what the tears were about, but I'm glad I released that energy!"

M: " That is so wonderful! Tears are common the first time. I think it may have something to do with feeling safe and being held by the masculine. For some women this is the first time they have ever felt that. My hope is that you feel expanded all over your body. Did I spend enough time on your breasts, or would you have liked more attention there?"

S: "That was perfect actually, for that session!"

M: " Thank you for sharing that with me, Swathi. Have a lovely day."

S: " Thank you, you too!"

Goddess Swathi


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testimonial I receive from a Goddess! 

Place Holder for the next...

 testimonial I receive from a Goddess!