How do you know if she is satisfied?

Real life experience reveals who needs this course!

 A friend of mine was shocked when he discovered his girlfriend was having an affair. She confessed after he caught her texting another man very hot, intimate pictures of herself. He asked her, “Why are you cheating on me?” She finally told him the truth, saying, “Sex isn’t very good with you, but with this other guy, he really knows how to touch my body and he makes me feel beautiful.” He said he was hurt but he had to ask her, “Don't I do all those things? What does this guy do that is so different than me?"... 


She told him, “He’s present and connected. He doesn’t do the same old thing; he desires me and really explores my body. He satisfies me!”

My friend was dumbfounded, “What the fuck?” he said. 

He thought everything was fine in the bedroom because she never mentioned being dissatisfied before. 

Don’t think this could happen to you?   

After questioning over 300 men & women, we found while men say their sexual experiences are seven, eight or nine in satisfaction, 

women consistently rate their satisfaction a two or three. 

Women say their sexual experiences are missing desire, variety, presence, connection and skill in pleasuring their bodies. 

When asked if women fake orgasm, 63% said yes and gave some of the following reasons in their own words.


  • It was painful and I wanted to stop. I did it to make my partner happy
  • To get it over with, bored
  • To get sex over with; feeling pressure to orgasm: wanting to please partner
  • Pressure to come at the same time, only did this once
  • Get it over and done with
  • Didn’t know what the pleasure was, felt I SHOULD orgasm. (emphasis added)
  • To finish faster
  • I wasn't connected in the moment and knew I wasn't going to cum, so I just thought I'd get the interaction over with
  • To get it over with - being with a man who refuses to let his ego aside to listen to what I wanted and needed in that moment. He was a "manly man" so he knew what I needed and how to make me orgasm. *insert eye roll*
  • Sex not to good and wanted to stop
  • I have faked orgasms most of my adult life, except with my current husband (thank god). Reasons were thinking I needed to have an orgasm and be all extra sexy and stuff to be accepted.
  • Wanting to please your partner
  • That he comes to an end.....but long time ago;)
  • Unable to climax due to medical problem, or really unsatisfactory encounter and faking seemed easier
  • Frustrated
  • I wanted the sex to stop or didn’t want to hurt his feelings, explain that I don’t always climax, easier at that time to fake it instead of communicating
  • His ego. Avoid upset. Convenience
  • I don't fake orgasms anymore, but in the past to make bad sex end
  • I am bored, I am not interested any more, feel like I wanted it to stop don’t really know why
  • Wanted it over, not in the mood, to make the other person feel good
  • Early years :-) insecurity
  • Because I wasn't able to peak and the poor guy's tongue would fall off lol
  • To be done with the interaction
  • Bored
  • Partner wasn’t present and I wanted it to end. I didn’t feel like I could say what I needed to say or else he would feel offended


Often men never hear about their shortcomings until the relationship is over. At Just Add Skill, We've made it our Mission to enhance men's and women’s intimacy through sexual pleasure, increasing men’s confidence by expanding their knowledge of the female sensual anatomy. In addition, we provide men a road-map with which to have authentic, adult conversations about sex. By promoting brotherhood amongst men, we mentor each other, eliminating competition, and share techniques on how to pleasure women. As men become leaders in the seduction process through clear communication and consent, they become masterful at intuiting their lover’s responses to pleasure. This allows for a woman’s vulnerability, pleasure, orgasm, desire, essence and beauty to naturally arise in a safe space. Men become that safe space and this is what makes them Unforgettable Lovers! 

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