Just Add Skill Philosophy



...we're just not trained! Most men have come by the sexual skill they have through the school of hard knocks! Techniques were learned in the moment and filed away as 'Go to' moves. Sometimes these techniques worked and sometimes they didn't. Either way, we at The Academy for Men acknowledge these skills and seek only to add those skills that are likely missing, making you a more capable, sexually superior lover! After all, she deserves it!



Every man can become masterful with his lover’s body. We can expand our skills, effortlessly taking her to heights that she’s never known before with consistency! Learning things that are more important than technique alone, like presence, communication and anatomy, will transform you as a lover. You may discover how beautiful, passionate, and open a woman can be when you focus on her pleasure! Sometimes all you need is to Just Add Skill!


Men as mentors

By promoting brotherhood amongst men, we mentor each other, eliminating competition, and share techniques on how to pleasure women. As men become leaders in the seduction process through clear communication and consent, they become masterful at intuiting their lover’s responses to pleasure. This allows for a woman’s vulnerability, pleasure, orgasm, desire, essence and beauty to naturally arise in a safe space. We teach Men to become that safe space and this is what makes for Unforgettable Lovers!